MiG-29K service centre for Indian Navy next year

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit: Indian Navy

MiG-29KJune 02, 2014: The Indian Navy can expect a full service centre for its fleet of MiG-29Ks next year as part of contract provisions. Last year, RAC-MiG signed offset agreements with Indian private firm Basant Aerospace worth $55 million, including a $43 million to establishm a service centre in India dedicated to restoring and repair of the MiG-29K's primary Phazotron-NIIP Zhuk-ME radar, and a $12 million deal for a service centre dedicated to repair of equipment for the upgraded MiG-29K in India. The deals include warshouses and an uninterrupted supply chain of spare parts. The Indian Navy received seven more MiG-29K/KUB jets in 2013 towards a total fleet on order of 45 aircraft based out of Goa's INS Hansa naval air station. MiG Director General Sergei Korotkov also recently revealed that upgrade kits for the first six MiG-29K fighters had been handed over to the Indian Navy for on-site upgradation at Goa as part of a deal signed in 2009. The other aircraft will be upgraded locally under transferred technology as part of the original contract. Upgradation of the first six aircraft has already begun and making steady progress.