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India's unmanned stealth bomber
By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit : SP's Exclusive

A cutaway view of India's IUSAV showing its stealth
architecture and armed weapons bays with
precision guided bombs
Top view of the India's IUSAV
unmanned stealth bomber concept
Front view of the India's IUSAV
Side view of the India's IUSAV
July 02, 2012 : It is finally clear what India's hush-hush stealth unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) will look like, with images emerging from the project's design and definition stage finally providing a definite picture. The Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV), under preliminary definition and development by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) in Bangalore under the stewardship of aeronautical scientist and project Director Dr Biju Uthup, is intended as a stealthy autonomous bomber aircraft, incorporating flying wing aerodynamics, low observable features, long endurance capabilities, and the ability to deploy precision guided weapons over enemy territory.

Several different laboratories are currently engaged in various subsystems that will go into the IUSAV, which the DRDO intends to begin flight testing by 2015-16, an ambitious target by current standards. The project has an initial investment of Rs 100 crore, but with additional sanctions, the amount could go up to a total of $1.5-billion overall.

At this stage, the primary user of the intended platform, the Indian Air Force, has insisted that the secret project be a fully Indian effort. However, it is understood that the DRDO has held discussions at various levels with Saab, EADS, Dassault and BAE Systems for possible technological partnerships on the IUSAV. Earlier this year, Defence Minister A.K. Antony informed Parliament that efforts were on to modify the Kaveri jet engine for possible use on the IUSAV.




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