SP's Aviation - ISSUE No 8-2017

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Issue Features

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    Can Leasing Be Made More Affordable?
    By Byron Bohlman, Vancouver/Canada

    Ministry of Civil Aviation Secretary R.N. Choubey recently called for greater participation from policy makers and users to promote MRO services...

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    Revving up the Engines
    By R. Chandrakanth

    The world’s top jet engine makers are ramping up research and development efforts to cash in on a booming global market for commercial airliners that has produced large orders

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    Pilot Shortage Hits Regional Operations
    By R. Chandrakanth

    By 2027, CAE expects the global commercial fleet to grow by 12,000 aircraft to roughly 37,000 aircraft, meaning a total of 440,000 active pilots will be needed

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    'Make in India' Will Not be Possible...
    By Colonel Sanjay Julka (Retd)

    True ‘Make in India’ in Aviation Will Not be Possible Without ‘Moratorium on All Taxes’

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    A Word from Editor-in-Chief
    By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

    The Government of India is likely to approve purchase of additional 36 Rafale jets from Dassault Aviation of France which the combat fleet of the IAF badly needs

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    Russia keen to sell MiG-35 to IAF
    By Air Marshal B.K. Pandey (Retd)

    Russia is keen on selling its new fighter jet MiG-35 to India with the MiG Corporation’s chief saying the country has evinced interest in the aircraft and talks were on to understand its requirements. Ilya Tarasenko, CEO, MiG Aircraft Corporation said that after having presented MiG-35 in January, the MiG Corporation began to actively promote the aircraft in India and in other parts of the world. “We are proposing supply of the aircraft for tenders in India and we actively work with its Air Force in order to win the tender,” he said while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the MAKS 2017 Air Show.

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    René Fonck (1894-1953)
    By Joseph Noronha

    With immense skill as a fighter pilot, René Fonck hunted his prey fearlessly and ruthlessly, patiently stalking the enemy before mounting a quick and decisive attack

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    Revamp Operational Capability
    By Air Marshal B.K. Pandey (Retd)

    Apart from the deficiencies in the combat fleet of the IAF, reports by the CAG on other assets raise serious doubts about the operational preparedness of the service