French Navy Celebrates 100 years of Naval Aviation Photos and Video: Abhishek Singh

The French Navy this year gets to show the air force who really is the steward of air power in the country. While 2009 marked the French air force’s 75th anniversary, the sister service points out that in 2010 it is time to celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation in France. Aircraft like Grumman E-2C Hawkeye, Dassault Super Etendard, F-18 Hornet (US Navy), Dassault Mirage F1, AAC-1 Toucan, Fouga CM-170  
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Magister, Dassault ATL-2 Atlantique 2, Aerospatiale AS-565MB Panther, Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2(FN), Vought F4U-7 Corsair, Aerospatiale SA-319B Alouette III, Dassault Falcon 7X, Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet E The Patrouille de France etc. participated in the flying display but the show stopper was Dassault Aviation’s Rafale.

The French Naval Aviation has 211 aircraft and 6,747 people, civilians and military. Formations, squadrons, fleets and training facilities and instruction are supported by six Naval Aviation bases (NAO), five in France and overseas. Following the merger between the forces of carrier aviation and maritime patrol aircraft, Naval Aviation was created June 19, 1998. Based in Toulon, the staff of the Naval Aviation command of an Admiral (Alavia) brings together 112 people.

As the organic force of Naval Aviation, Naval Aviation is built around four components:

The air group aboard the aircraft carrier
The air patrol and maritime surveillance
Shipborne helicopters
The Air Force Support

Enjoy the action pack video and photo gallery of the air show