Gustavo de Aristegui, Spanish Ambassador to India

“It is not only about transferring technology and building together in is about developing technology together.”

— Gustavo de Aristegui, Ambassador of Spain in India

The Ambassador of Spain in India, Gustavo de Aristegui, in an interaction with Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief of BizAvIndia, gives his views on the importance of general aviation and business aviation and how it can be made more affordable for potential users of these aircraft, while talking about how Spain has in the last four years deepened ties with India while looking forward to strengthening the relationship based on trust and benefits.

Issue: BizAvIndia 3/2015Photo(s): By SP Guide Pubns, Embraer

“My experience with corporate/business jets is limited to the few times I have travelled with some friends in their aircraft. I think that corporate jets are great. Today in the aircraft building business, either you are at the top of the game or you are not, be it a Gulfstream, a Global Express, a Falcon, and Embraer, etc. They are all absolutely great. I saw one of these new Embraers which has twin engines on the wings as a corporate jet. It seemed to be extremely beautiful aircraft, sort of like a small A320.”

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