From the Editor-in-Chief

SP Guide Publications extend a very warm welcome to Sudhir Nayak who has taken over as the new President of BAOA. Sudhir is very well known amongst the domestic and international business aviation community and we are sure that BAOA will achieve a lot more under his leadership.

Issue: BizAvIndia 3/2021By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

At the outset, we wish Sudhir Nayak the very best for his efforts and for the challenges going forward. This issue of the magazine contains the very first and exclusive interview of Sudhir Nayak. He shares his insights about the industry, the challenges that it is facing and the opportunities that should be tapped.

As the awareness around the BA/GA industry is on the rise, assisted by the benefits it presents during these days of the pandemic, Ayushee Chaudhary writes about this being the time to hit the nail on its head and harness the Business Aviation industry especially in India. In another related article on promoting business aviation in India, Sudhir S. Rajeshirke explains how aircraft fractional ownership can increase business aviation industry in India. Fractional aircraft model reduces upfront acquisition cost, provides convenient access to good and consistent quality of business aircraft without all the hassles of managing aircraft operations.

The magazine also contains an exclusive interview with Scott Neal, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Gulfstream Aerospace who talks about the company’s long history of listening to customers and incorporating their feedback into aircraft development while creating world class design. There is also a report on Gulfstream G700 that set its first ever city-pair speed records, adding up more points to Gulfstream’s design and technological advancement.

In this issue, President of JetHQ, Asia, Rohit Kapur stresses on looking for expertise in global aircraft transaction as the business aviation industry is truly an international marketplace where the best aircraft or deal can only be found past a national border. Better options for both buyers and sellers await, but only if they have assistance navigating global aircraft acquisitions.

A report by Air Vice Marshal S.S. Chauhan (Retd) brings an important topic of underperformed practice of service to the client, primarily in the case of air-traveller. He cites the example of Business Aviation where the service is comparatively much more important with a very few heads per trip to be taken care of.

All this and much more in this issue of BizAvIndia. Welcome aboard and we wish you many happy landings!