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The introduction of two finest jets G800 and G400 by Gulfstream reflect on the silver lining one can sense amidst the grim environment caused by Covid 19 coupled with the new variant omicron. The interesting factor that also offers some sense of positivity is the surge of Business Aviation industry in such times. Therefore, crux remains that no matter what, positivity and resilience remains the key for any industry.

Issue: BizAvIndia 4/2021By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

In his message, the BAOA President Sudhir Nayak underlines that the industry is bracing for any further impact of the new variant Omicron. On the positive side of things, he highlights the launch of eGCA (DGCA’s e-governance platform) by Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia as an important milestone and brings to attention the newly formed advisory board aimed at addressing the issues of small aircraft operators.

The highlight of this issue is an exclusive interview with the President of Gulfstream, the world leader in business aircraft. An unassuming person leading a global behemoth, Mark Burns, shared insights on the new launches of G800 and G400 aircraft, despite facing the challenges presented due to the pandemic, showing exemplary leadership. He spoke about what all has been done with these two new jets in terms of safety, performance and the innovations; while also discussing the company’s focus on innovations and sustainability. A separate report in this edition of BizAvIndia covers the launch of the G800 and G400 aircraft. The G800 is being marketed as the longest-range aircraft in Gulfstream history while the G400 is as the first new entrant to the large-cabin class in over a decade. Adding to the industry’s sustainability portfolio, Brazilian manufacturer Embraer introduced the Energia family which comprises of four new aircraft concepts that will use renewable energy propulsion technologies.

Sustainability was the focus during the NBAA BACE 2021 event as well not just in discussions but also in actions. The convention’s carbon-offset programme was a highlight that made the show one of the world’s largest carbon-neutral events. There is a report by Ayushee Chaudhary covering the event that finally took place in person after facing cancellation in 2020. Being one of the biggest business aviation event, it witnessed some major announcements and brought industry experts together at the convention. Discussing significant developments about the industry, most of them were optimistic about business aviation’s future.

This issue of the magazine also includes details about the benefits of aircraft financing, penned down by two authors - Sudhir S. Rajeshirke and Simon Davies. The essence of both perspectives is that a potential business aircraft user must evaluate in the right aircraft in terms of new or pre-owned asset, its capacity, range and price, to make a fully informed choice.

All this and much more in this issue of BizAvIndia. Welcome aboard and we wish you many happy landings!