We can never be complacent even after having achieved good number of milestones. We should aim for big and then even bigger!

Issue: BizAvIndia 1/2022By Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

Business Aviation and General Aviation (BA & GA) are the sectors that are synonymous with resilience. This sector displayed its mettle during the era of COVID-19 pandemic. To the extent that this became one of the most popular means of travel. The travellers preferred to pay more for better safety and hygiene. The graph of growth in demand has been extra-ordinary.

However, as pandemic subsided, the Russia-Ukraine crisis took over the space affecting the rebound of a host of sectors around the world which were heavily affected by the pandemic. The West also is bearing the brunt of the slowdown, being triggered by US imposed series of sanctions whether economic, trade and industry-centric or even related to the air travel and aviation industry, which are going to cause various implications and repercussions.

Notwithstanding, the BA and GA industry however has a strong resolve to come back and to remain as an important part of travel around the world. As pandemic side-effects fade, the industry will ensure the same remains applicable even with the crippling effects of Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Around the world, the sector continues to reclaim its identity and its deserving space on the map of air travel. NBAA’s consistent efforts pushing the cause indicates that even the richest BA and GA market like US, requires massive efforts to maintain and to grow its recognition.

In India, while at macro level the market is far from getting matured, at micro level situation of BA and GA are gradually getting better. The nodal association in India – Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) is making restless efforts to work 24x7 on the ground, in order to get all the legitimate requirements of the industry not only well-recognised by the policy makers and regulatory authorities but also met in a phased manner.

Crux of the matter is that we all – the members of India’s Business Aviation and General Aviation fraternity – need to work consistently and relentlessly to ensure the sustenance, the deserving recognition on the map of civil aviation and the gradual growth. We can never be complacent even after having achieved good number of milestones. We should aim for big and then even bigger. And we must convert Small into BIG!

Wishing all Very Pleasant Flying Times!