Message from President, BAOA

Issue: BizAvIndia 3/2023By Ajay Shah, President, BAOA


Dear BAOA Members,

BAOA stands committed to promoting safety, efficiency and sustainability in business aviation. The association continues to advocate for the interests of BA/GA operators ensuring that our voices are heard in regulatory matters and industry developments. Some of the matters presently being pursued actively are as under:

  • Focussed discussions with the Ministry of Civil Aviation continue on fractional ownership wherein final directions are expected soon.
  • A case has been taken up with the MHA regarding grant of Security Clearance for change in Board of Directors for privately registered aircrafts operated by Indian Corporate houses wherein it has been requested to review the existing process so that security clearance is granted in a timely manner and examine the feasibility of grant of ex post facto sanction in case of unforeseen situations of change in Directors.
  • Meetings were held with senior officials of DIAL to address the issue of denial of parking to larger business jets wherein it has been agreed that under normal circumstances, 2-3 parking slots for Business Jets would be kept reserved at GA Terminal. BAOA members may coordinate directly with the Chief Commercial Officer, DIAL when faced with unforeseen difficulties for parking of their larger jets.
  • At the International level, BAOA has been actively involved in pushing for the amendment in Annex 19(SMS) of ICAO. BAOA has proposed for underlining the importance of flexibility and performance-based approach in SARPs. We are working with IBAC to ensure the amended Annex 19 of ICAO does not interpret the ‘size and complexity’ in any way to make GA/BA operations cumbersome and more complicated. We are aiming to enforce the notion of proportionality in rule making and therefore in surveillance as well. BAOA plans to organise a separate session on Annex 19 of ICAO during our forthcoming BizAv India conference at Hyderabad on January 17, 2024.

BAOA will continue to pursue sustainability initiatives and advocate for fair regulations. Our commitment to safety will remain paramount as we believe that a safe industry is a strong and prosperous one. We encourage all members to actively engage and share your ideas with BAOA. Your involvement is essential to our collective success.

Fly safe.

Jai Hind!

Thanks & Regards


Ajay Shah
President, BAOA.