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Issue: BizAvIndia 1/2024By Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

In the latest issue of BizAvIndia, Harsh Vardhan Sharma, President of the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA), reflects on the recent BizAvIndia conference, held earlier this year. Harsh Vardhan highlights the conference as a pivotal event where senior officials from ministries and regulatory authorities pledged their full support to foster an ecosystem conducive to optimal industry growth. Discussions on the future of the business aviation industry in India were incredibly encouraging, with presentations by OEMs and dynamic young entrepreneurs contributing valuable insights and fostering engaging dialogue.

A comprehensive report on the BizAvIndia conference is featured in this edition, emphasising the importance of informed decision-making and proactive engagement in overcoming hurdles and fostering a more efficient and competitive business aviation environment in India. The conference served as a platform to address the myriad challenges facing the GA/BA industry in India while critically evaluating potential solutions.

There was a spotlight on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) at this year’s Wings India show. Ayushee Chaudhary reports on the AAM Conference that has placed India as a potential global hub for AAM solutions, bringing together industry experts, policymakers, and innovators to explore cutting-edge aviation technologies.

Another highlight of Wings India 2024 was the participation of Swiss Company Pilatus who showcased their new and uniquely versatile PC-24 business jet for the first time in India. The new PC-24 is a super versatile aircraft with extended range and capable of operating from smaller airports. A fact file on the aircraft is included in this issue.

Swaati Ketkar’s insightful report delves into the evolutionary journey of India’s business aviation industry, highlighting the synergy between innovation, government policies, and market demand. As the sector looks towards the future, the coming decade is poised to be transformative, driven by sustained growth and emerging trends post-pandemic.

GAMA’s recent report on General Aviation Aircraft Shipment and Billing for 2023 underscores the positive trajectory of the industry, with increased shipments and billings across all aircraft segments compared to the previous year. Rohit Goel’s detailed report showcases a dynamic and evolving market landscape.

This edition of BizAvIndia also features a detailed report on Gulfstream’s sustainability initiatives and achievements. Gulfstream’s steadfast commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and pioneering innovative solutions underscores its leadership in environmental responsibility.

All this and more in this issue of BizAvIndia. Welcome aboard and we wish you many happy landings!