Message from President, BAOA

Issue: BizAvIndia 4/2022By Ajay Shah, President, BAOA


Dear BAOA Members,

It is a privilege to be given the responsibility of being the President of the foremost association of the GA/BA industry in India. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all the past Presidents of BAOA for their selfless and dedicated service for the cause of GA/BA industry of the country. The Governing board of the BAOA remains committed to work towards ensuring inclusive participation of all stakeholders for creation of a sustainable ecosystem for the growth of the GA/BA industry.

BAOA continues to engage with all the stakeholders of the industry for the sustainable long-term growth of the GA/BA industry. The recently issued guidelines by MoCA for allowing ‘fractional ownership’ of aircrafts in NSOP category will help to democratise aircraft ownership leading to increase in number of aircrafts in the country.

BAOA is continuously pursuing the issue of rationalisation of the ground handling charges at various airports for small aircrafts of NSOP/GA with the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The directive in this regard, issued by MoCA and AAI, for itemised GH charges for small aircraft is a small step forward in this direction. There have been some recent news articles wherein it has been stated that the MoCA has classified certain categories of aircrafts/helicopters as ‘nonessential imports’ – this is a serious issue and is being taken up on an urgent basis by BAOA with MoCA.

On behalf of the entire Governing Body of BAOA, I wish to assure all our members and the industry stakeholders that there will be no letup in our ongoing efforts to ensure sustainable and optimal growth of GA/BA industry in our country. We shall continue to look forward to constructive suggestions from our members for more enriching and engaging discussions with the Ministry and the Regulators.

Happy Landings!

Thanks & Regards


Ajay Shah
President, BAOA.