IAF scouts Jaguar DARIN II/III full mission simulators

Issue: 9 / 2014 By SP's Special Correspondent August 19, 2014 Photo(s): By IAF

The Indian Air Force is looking to procure 1-3 Jaguar DARIN-III ‘Fixed Base Full Mission' and 1-3 Jaguar DARIN-II ‘Fixed Base Full Mission’ simulators. The simulators would be used to impart realistic training to aircrew flying the Jaguar DARIN III/DARIN II aircraft. The IAF has stipulated that the simulators need to enable realistic pilot conversion training for phases of flight under normal and degraded modes in all flying conditions, including adverse weather. Basic flying encompassing all normal aircraft operations and procedures from checks before start up to flying a full mission profile and up to switch-off will be practised on the intended simulators, including emergency procedures and various failure modes. The simulators need to have the capability for insertion of multiple and various types of friendly and enemy aircraft in a tactical situation and intuitively project them on the tactical display, Radar, and Radar Warning Receiver as desired by the instructor. Capability for simulation of ground targets like class A & B vehicles, Surface to Air Missile (SAM) sites, ships, command posts etc, and the capability to network with other similar simulators. The IAF has also mentioned that given Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is the lead integrator of the DARIN-II and DARIN-III avionics upgrades, vendors other than HAL would need to enter into an agreement with HAL to obtaining technical details of the Standard Operating Procedures of DARIN-II and DARIN-III upgrade aircraft.