IAF for 200 light bulletproof vehicles

Issue: 9 / 2014 By SP's Special Correspondent August 29, 2014

The Indian Air Force is looking to procure 160-200 light bulletproof vehicles for movement and operations of small independent teams. The vehicle needs to sport a turbocharged diesel engine with a life of not less than 100,000 km and be capable of operating at high altitudes with maximum ground clearance. The IAF has stipulated that the vehicle needs to have bulletproof side glasses on each side, one each above the firing port, bulletproof rear glasses located above the rear firing port, bulletproof glass window on the driver’s door and a bulletproof windscreen. The vehicle needs to also have roof mounted 360 degree traversing gunner’s hatch/turret of suitable diameter with foldable perimeter protection with suitable detachable mounts to house and effectively fire weapons like INSAS or light machine guns. The IAF needs the vehicles for deployment around sensitive establishments and bases, as well as for use by Garuda commando units, including at high altitude areas.