Singapore Manufacturing Facility Producing Critical Pratt & Whitney GTF™ Engine Components Achieves Full Operational Capability

Paris June 20, 2023 Photo(s): By Pratt & Whitney
Pratt & Whitney’s Singapore manufacturing facility, which produces critical components for Pratt & Whitney’s GTF™ engine family, has achieved full operational capability.

PARIS AIR SHOW -- Pratt & Whitney, an RTX business, today announced its Singapore manufacturing facility, which produces critical components for Pratt & Whitney's GTF™ engine family, has achieved full operational capability.

As part of Pratt & Whitney's overall Industry 4.0 strategy, the facility adopted wall-to-wall closed-door machining while actively integrating the latest technology and automation into the manufacturing process. Closed-door machining enhances productivity, safety, and process control while reducing quality non-conformances and increasing production throughput overall. Across its worldwide manufacturing footprint, Pratt & Whitney is leveraging digital communication technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) and connected devices, along with advanced manufacturing technologies including automation, robotics, virtual reality, and closed-door machining, to create a fully integrated manufacturing environment.

"Evolving from a single fan blade production line to its current three fan blade and three turbine disk production lines, the Pratt & Whitney Singapore manufacturing facility today is capable of producing and delivering more than 11,000 fan blades and 2,400 turbine disks annually," said Marc Paquet, general manager of P&W NGPF Manufacturing Company Singapore Pte Ltd. "Investments supporting the CORE Operating System and our Industry 4.0 strategy, as well as a highly engaged employee population have resulted in lean, automated and connected operations, allowing us to deliver products more quickly for our end customers. This progress has been made possible due to the strong support of the Singapore government and the Economic Development Board (EDB)."

Officially opened in 2016, the 20,500 square meter facility produces hybrid metallic fan blades and highly complex, critical turbine components for the GTF engine family. The GTF engine order book has more than 10,000 engine orders and commitments from over 90 customers in more than 30 countries, and the Singapore facility is the second Pratt & Whitney fan blade and high-pressure turbine disk production facility in the world, thus playing a critical role in supporting customer needs in Asia Pacific and beyond.