Embraer launches web series on innovation

São José dos Campos, Brazil August 18, 2023 Photo(s): By Twitter / Embraer

Embraer launched today the first episode of a web series on innovation that reveals the behind-the-scenes of how the company operates to push the frontiers of knowledge and develop disruptive technologies.

The audiovisual project is part of the company’s 54th anniversary, to be celebrated on August 19th. The episodes will be published weekly on Embraer’s official YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/p0CRLQYoy2M).

Embraer's role in the global innovation ecosystem throughout its history is the focus of the first chapter, featuring testimonials from the company's professionals. The second episode highlights the technologies that can enable a new era of sustainable air mobility.

The third episode focuses on advancements in autonomous systems and their most diverse applications, such as pilot assistants, urban delivery drones, aerial spraying, and the development of the electric takeoff and vertical landing (eVTOL) aircraft from EVE. The fourth video in the series shows how new technologies are already changing manufacturing processes in Industry 4.0.

Science, Technology, and Innovation are in Embraer’s DNA, which has dared to continuously develop and build new products, services, and business models for five decades. In 2022, around 50% of the company's revenue came from innovations carried out in the last five years.