Driven by visions of tomorrow: MTU Aero Engines at the Paris Air Show

  • Evolutionary and revolutionary engine concepts
  • Electric motors for zero-emission flight
  • Engine technologies for the new European fighter jet
Munich June 5, 2023 Photo(s): By MTU

Turning visions into reality – that has always been the motto of MTU Aero Engines. At this year's Paris Air Show, held from June 19-25 in Le Bourget, MTU will present innovative technologies for the commercial engines of tomorrow and beyond, as well as powerful military engines and tailor-made maintenance solutions. Another focus is the company’s diverse range of jobs and career offerings. For the first time, they will be presenting technologies for electric motors for zero-emission flight.

Driven by zero emissions

Zero-emission flight is the big goal for commercial aviation, and it is MTU’s vision. To this end, MTU’s engine experts have formulated groundbreaking future-oriented solutions in their Clean Air Engine (Claire) technology agenda: evolutionary further developments of the aircraft gas turbine, based on the Geared Turbofan, and revolutionary engine concepts like the Water-Enhanced Turbofan (WET) and the Flying Fuel Cell™ (FFC).

The company’s latest acquisition is being introduced to the public for the first time: eMoSys GmbH. Germany’s leading engine manufacturer took over the German electric motor developer and small-volume manufacturer in April, thereby consistently expanding its know-how and activities relating to electrification of the power train. The eMoSys motors already provide the highest known power density and reliability known today, which will be needed for the FCC. And that’s not all – together with eMoSys GmbH, MTU plans to accelerate the use of electric motors in aviation and make them market-ready.

All of the MTU concepts will be presented at the 300-m2 booth in Hall 2A, NoC254. The highlightsare the fair exhibit – which interactively explains the technologies behind MTU’s high-pressure compressor and low-pressure turbinein detailusing a stylized turbofan – and the WET and FFC models. The WET exhibit will also offer information about SWITCH, which stands for Sustainable Water-Injecting Turbofan Comprising Hybrid-Electrics. SWITCH is a clean aviation project that combines two revolutionary technologies: MTU’s Water-Enhanced Turbofan and hybrid-electric engine elements. It is based on the Geared Turbofan from Pratt & Whitney. In addition to MTU, SWITCH partners are Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, Collins Aerospace, GKN Aerospace and others. The consortium is coordinatedby MTU.

The MTU stand will also feature its hardware, for instance the GEnx turbine center frame and the high-speed low-pressure turbine for the A320neo’s PW1100G-JM Geared Turbofan. Visitors should not miss the innovative repair technologies made by MTU, which will be presented in the form of an interactive holo-touch exhibit.

Driven by mission

In the military sector, too, MTU will be well represented in Le Bourget: The booth will feature an EJ200 Eurofighter engine – combined with augmented-reality applications – and the T408 helicopter engine for the Sikorsky CH-53K. It will also present and explain concept ideas for innovative individual technologies used in NEFE, the Next European Fighter Engine – the engine for the Next Generation Fighter (NGF).

Driven by passion

MTU’s diverse jobs and career offerings will round out its appearance at this year’s Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace. They will be explained by HR experts, who will be available on site for conversations and consultations.