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August 10, 2021 Photo(s): By xxxx

The Orion-E medium-altitude long endurance (MALE) reconnaissance/strike unmanned aerial vehicle fitted with aerial weapons was demonstrated at Russia’s exhibitsduring MILEX 2021 expo in Minsk, late June 2021. This is the first official presentation of the full-scale Russian drone in the armed configuration at the foreign expo. The developer, the Kronshtadt company, showcased an unmanned reconnaissance/strike system with the Orion-E UAV, a ground control station, payload options, as well as air weapons in the outdoor display area. The Orion-E is a long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle intended for performing missions in a wide range of climate zones.The maximum take-off weight is 1.1 t, the maximum payload weight is 250 kg. The maximum flight duration is 30+ hours, and the speed is up to 200 km/h. According to the official presentation, the Orion-E is able to conduct reconnaissance in the optical, infrared and radio wave ranges. From one ground control point up to 4 UAVs can be simultaneously controlled. To accomplish its tasks the UAV is equipped with replaceable payloads based on modular principle. It has three hard points and can use laser-, satellite- and TV-guided air weapons with the maximum weight 200 kg. At the ARMY 2020 expo in Russia,Rosoboronexport and Kronshtadt signed an agreement on mutual cooperation in the area of foreign trade. The Russian state exporter expressed its readiness to promote Orion-E to partners from the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and North Africa.