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A Word from Editor

Issue: 07-2012By Jayant Baranwal - Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Even though labeled to be a fully Indian effort, it is understood that the DRDO has held discussions with EADS, Saab, Dassault and BAE Systems for possible technological partnerships for the IUSAV programme

The aviation world is once again all set to congregate in the UK for the July 9-15 ‘Farnborough 2012’ Air Show. Despite the dark clouds of gloom hovering over the European economy, the organisers are upbeat about the show’s outcome. Their high spirits are not misplaced as Farnborough is ready to serve as a platform for over 1,400 exhibiters from the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors from across the world to showcase and demonstrate aircraft, equipment and related technologies.

For the first time, visitors to Farnborough will be able to witness the future of space travel with Virgin Galactic – the world’s first ‘Spaceline’ – showcasing ‘Space Ship Two’ that will offer passengers the opportunity to experience suborbital space travel including weightlessness.

Keeping in view the success of the indoor flying area for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) created for the first time in 2010; the organisers have decided not only to have a central location to showcase the UAS but will also provide a purposebuilt net for flying and ground systems’ demonstrations.

Inspired by metamorphic vision of the Indian Air Force (IAF), to transform itself into a first-class strategic force with global reach and effect, the DRDO has been nudged into undertaking a slew of indigenous development programmes. On the heels of the Tejas project which has concurrently moved from the development phase to limited series production (LSP), the DRDO has embarked upon the design and development of the next generation fighter. In an exclusive report, SP’s Special Correspondent covers the advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA) programme—a stealthy twinengine strike fighter that is intended to be an Indian take on the US F-22 Raptor. On the rotary-wing front, India’s light combat helicopter (LCH) is in the midst of sea-trials off India’s East Coast just outside Chennai.

It is slowly becoming clear as to what India’s hush-hush stealth unmanned combat air vehicle would look like. The Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV) under preliminary definition and development by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is intended as a stealthy autonomous strike aircraft. But even though labeled to be a fully Indian effort, it is understood that the DRDO has held discussions with the likes of EADS, Saab, Dassault and BAE Systems for possible technological partnerships.

On space exploration, however, while China demonstrated its prowess by successfully launching and recovering a manned docking mission, India’s space programme appears to have been halted in its tracks because of the twin failures of GSLV launches. While ISRO claims to have unraveled the cause of the back-to-back failures, it must make the GSLV Mk II operational as quickly as possible and move onto the GSLV Mk III to keep its tryst for a 2016 or so manned space mission.

The bottom line in a business jet purchase remains on how well it does on ergonomics. This edition carries a wellresearched article on business jet seat matrix, which speaks of what high-net-worth individuals are looking for. Then there is also an article on regional aviation which states how judiciously chosen regional airports can translate to increased revenue since connectivity itself generates demand.

Do join us in the cooler climes of Farnborough for a scintillating air show.

In the meantime, Happy Reading.