AWWA Sky Whale Concept Plane

Issue: 07-2014Photo(s): By Oscar ViƱals

Spanish designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Viñals has released the design of an aircraft that, he says, would revolutionise green air travel calling it the “greenest aircraft imaginable.” Up to 755 passengers could be accommodated, across three decks, each for a different “class” of traveller. This concept plane is called the AWWA Sky Whale and it’s the brainchild of Spanish designer Oscar Viñals. Should it ever leave the ground, the three-floor aircraft would be powered by four large hybrid engines.

The concept plane was designed with current and future technologies in mind, including micro-solar panels that could charge the engines, self-healing skin with adaptable opacity, active wings to reduce turbulence and advanced alloys, ceramic and fibre composite materials. Its engines could rotate up to 45 degrees in a vertical position to assist during take-off and landing, thus reducing the distance of the runway. Viñals has even designed the plane such that it would break apart on an emergency landing to limit damage.

Viñals’ design uses hybrid engine technology and “active wings,” among other things, to create a plane that, should it ever get built, will not only look great but will be one of the safest and most efficient planes in the sky. Equipped with large windows, a vertical take-off ability, the AWWA Sky Whale joins several other outlandish proposals for future aircraft that have cropped up in the last couple of years. It will have three levels or floors; the first class on top with “sky views” and “all conceivable luxuries for a trip in an airplane like this,” business class in the middle, and tourist class at the bottom “with all the comfort and space to have a pleasant flight.” Airbus has predicted that by 2050, the world will see transparent planes flying apart from pilotless planes and space flights.