Quick RoundUp

Issue: 08-2019


Advanced Electronics has won a $57.8 million modification for the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15SA Cyber Protection System and Related Facilities programme. The F-15SA multi-role fighter is an advanced variant of the Boeing F-15 Strike Eagle supplied to Saudi Arabia. It has a modern, fly-by-wire flight control system in place of the hybrid electronic/mechanical system used by previous F-15s. Work is expected to be completed by July 31, 2022.


The British defence company Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group rolled out the first of a number of C-130J Hercules aircraft it is preparing for delivery to Bangladesh Air Force, during an official ceremony last week. Marshall is carrying out comprehensive depth maintenance and important modifications on all the aircraft including capability enhancements such as MEDEVAC, avionic upgrades and the provision of a Passenger Transport Configuration.


Philippines has announced that pilots and maintenance personnel are now in Jordan to train on operating the AH-1 attack helicopter. Jordan had donated two AH-1 attack helicopters to the Philippines. In 2010 Jordan transferred 16 AH-1F helicopters to Pakistan, under a US-sponsored support programme that provided Islamabad with 40 AH-1 refurbished helicopters.


According to local reports, Turkey plans to use air-tosurface missiles initially developed for the F-35 on locally developed national combat aircraft and drones. Turkey’s industry and technology Minister, Mustafa Varank said that the SOM-J cruise missile jointly developed by the US and Turkey, will be deployed on local air assets following Ankara’s exclusion from the F-35 programme.

It has been reported that Turkey’s Advanced Jet Trainer and Light Attack Aircraft Hürjet project has been successfully finalised. H├╝rjet is a single engine, tandemseat aircraft with modern avionics and high-performance features. It has a combat version also.