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Industry - Magnificent Yak-130 for the Indian Air Force

Issue: 05-2009By Rajiv Kumar

Various experts have been highly estimating the latest Russian combat training aircraft – Yak-130. The aircraft has been selected as a main vehicle for basic and advanced Russian Air Force pilots’ training. Various nations – Russia’s traditional partners in military-technical cooperation - have already stressed their strong interest to this aircraft. The reason is obvious as according to a lot of specialists the aircraft has no match in its class.

In fact Yak-130 is a modern airplane for efficient pilots training for modern and future Russian and non-Russian aircraft including high speed maneuverable combat training under strong overloads and large angles of attack, under any weather conditions. The air-intake screens and chassis design as well as take-off and landing characteristics allow to use the aircraft from the nonpaved airstrips. The aircraft life cycle is over 10,000 flight hours with an airframe life cycle over 30 years without overhaul. The Yak-130 enormous flight safety has been provided with two reliable engines as well as all the main systems multiple duplication. This is a crucial factor for the young pilots training to assure them with the aircraft ultimate reliability. The Yak-130 has been also equipped with the fly-by-wire control system to provide variation in stability and controllability parameters appropriate to different aircraft.

The specialized onboard imitation system provides air combat simulation of a wide range of scenarios including maneuverable and jamming air targets interception, as well as cooperation with other friendly aircraft group, aerial and ground command posts.

Apart of high-efficient combat training Yak-130 can be also used as a light combat aircraft (against armed groups for example). To fulfill various combat missions Yak-130 has 9 suspension points to carry up to 3,000 kg payload of weaponry including high-efficient guided missiles, unguided rockets, guided and conventional air bombs. The aircraft has been also equipped with a gun mount. Apart of the weaponry the suspension points are intended for the extra-fuel tanks as well as containers for various means of weaponry guidance, reconnaissance and jamming devices.

The glass cockpit concept has been fully implemented to the Yak-130. Each cockpit sports liquid crystal multifunctional color displays while the front cockpit also features an additional head-up display. The aircraft is also equipped with helmet-mounted aiming system. Neither hand indexes nor electromechanical devices have been used.

The clear design and improved reliability of the airframe, power plant and onboard system provide longer service life and total aircraft self-efficiency. High operational and technological effectiveness, teamed with low life-cycle cost and outstanding flight performance ensure top-class flight training in the short term.

According to the international experts the Russianmade Yak-130 has brilliant capabilities for various pilots training. The aircraft can be equipped with any system according to the specific customers’ requirements. Successful airframe design, high aerodynamics characteristics and modern onboard equipment allow to use the Yak-130 as a basis for the aircraft family including light attack, reconnaissance, jammer, as well as shipborne combat trainer. Not a small row, one should admit.