Airbus Expects Green Hydrogen to Power its Future Zero-Emission Aircraft by 2035

Issue: 07-2021

Green hydrogen is a critical part of Airbus’ strategy to lead the decarbonisation of the aviation industry. This means architecting the future green hydrogen ecosystem for aviation will need to start now in preparation of an entry-into-service of hydrogen aircraft by 2035 This involves power generation with renewable energy via hydropower, geothermal power, solar panels or wind turbines; production through electrolysers to separate hydrogen atoms from oxygen atoms in water and Power-to-Liquid (PtL) synthetic e-fuel which combines hydrogen with carbon obtained through Direct Air Carbon Capture is then produced at dedicated facilities. The next major step is storage, liquefaction and transportation. It is then distributed to the aircraft where short haul aircraft are fuelled with Hydrogen while PtL – blended with jet fuel – remains an option to fuel longer-haul aircraft.