Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari

Issue: 09-2022
Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari

IAF is completing nine decades of glorious service to the nation in October this year and I would like to convey my warm greetings to all avid readers of SP’s Aviation magazine.

Over the last 90 years, the IAF has transformed itself into one of the finest and most potent Air Forces in the world. On this momentous occasion, we rededicate ourselves to uphold the highest professional standards and renew our commitment to safeguard the sovereignty of our country. It is also a moment to convey our deep gratitude to all our veterans who endured tremendous hardships during the formative years of IAF and also pay homage to all the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. On behalf of all serving airwarriors, I salute their tenacity and leadership.

We have demonstrated unrivalled adaptability and resilience over the years and have grown in leaps and bound as a highly technologically intensive fighting force. We have revised our concept of operations based on detailed threat analysis and evolving geopolitics. I am proud that the men and women in blue have completed every mission with excellence and have lived upto the IAF’s motto of Mission, Integrity and Excellence.

The Indian Air Force has acquired a host of multi-spectrum strategic capabilities, synonymous with India’s growing regional stature and expanding national interest. These and the future inductions will significantly enhance our overall operational capability and reach. The IAF continues to be at the forefront of Atmanirbharta and encourages development of indigenous defence production capabilities to achieve self-reliance at the earliest.

Our country experienced a number of natural disasters and the IAF has provided humanitarian aid in the form of food supplies, first aid and rescue. Our brave air warriors have been at the forefront in conducting evacuation missions from conflict zones demonstrating valour and persistence in the face of hostile and adverse conditions.

SP’s Aviation has proved to be a reliable and useful source of information on defence matters. I am confident that SP’s Aviation would continue to be instrumental in spreading air mindedness and provide analytical articles for all professionals and aviation enthusiasts.

My sincere compliments and best wishes to the Editorial Board and staff of SP’s Aviation for the exceptional work being done in providing contemporary intellectual content.

Happy Landings and Jai Hind!