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Pilatus Aircraft’s Aviation Upgrade

Issue: 06-2024Photo(s): By PilatusAircraft / X

Pilatus Aircraft made a significant impact at this year’s EBACE by showcasing the newly upgraded PC-24 and the renowned PC-12 NGX. The debut of the enhanced PC-24, unveiled just before the NBAA-BACE in October, attracted considerable attention with its impressive upgrades. The PC-24 now boasts a 600-pound increase in payload, extending its range to 2,040 nautical miles, and features a new side-facing divan convertible into a bed. These enhancements were achieved through refinements in the wing and fuselage structures, reducing the empty weight by 660 pounds and optimising storage space, thereby increasing the maximum gross takeoff weight limit. The upgrades offer operators more flexibility, enabling longer flights and better accommodation for six passengers with luggage. Pilatus began delivering the upgraded PC-24 earlier this year and showcased it at the Aero Friedrichshafen general aviation show in Germany.

Most of the upgrades have received certification, with the divan approved for two seats and work for three seats ongoing. The divan option has exceeded the company’s expectations in popularity.

The PC-24 is used by fleets such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia and in Alaska’s North Slope Borough above the Arctic Circle. It features a maximum passenger capacity of 11+1 pilot, a maximum payload of 3,100 pounds, and can reach altitudes of up to 45,000 feet. The PC-24’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) offers high-tech simplicity with four 12-inch screens, an Inertial Reference System (IRS), Synthetic Vision System, Autothrottle, Graphical Flight Planning, TCAS II, and LPV guidance capability. The PC-24’s superior runway performance enables operation from airstrips that other jets can only fly over, earning it the title of a Super Versatile Jet.

Accompanying the PC-24 at EBACE was the PC-12 NGX turboprop, known for its 74 per cent lower emissions and full approval for SAF. The PC-12 NGX offers advanced avionics tailored for single-pilot operation, featuring an optimised autopilot, SmartView synthetic vision with HUD symbology, and an ACE cockpit environment. This model includes new technologies like tactile feedback in unusual attitudes, Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), and a Crew Alerting System (CAS) that automatically displays the relevant electronic checklist. The PC-12 NGX is virtually unrivaled in special mission capability, performing assignments like surveillance, medical assistance, cargo transport, and search and rescue with exceptional reliability.

Pilatus Aircraft thus showcased its committed efforts in aviation innovation and sustainability, at EBACE2024.