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Stefan Billep - Head, Eurofighter Typhoon, India

Issue: 05-2009By Sangeeta SaxenaIllustration(s): By Stefan_Billep.jpg

Typhoon comes with twin engine, very good payload

SP’s Aviation (SP’s): How is your product better than your competitors’?

Stefan Billep (Billep): It has the advantage of a twin engine aircraft with the powerful EJ200 engine and a very good payload. Its manoeuvrability, agility and adaptability is outstanding. Eurofighter Typhoon represents a cost versus design ratio which should be the best of all. The level of survivability and the technology we have used is second to none. Eurofighter is without exaggeration the most modern aircraft available on the world market and will be state-of-the-art for at least the next forty years.

SP’s: Is it more suitable to the Indian Air Force’s requirement and how?

Billep: We are absolutely convinced that we can achieve all requirements of the IAF. Eurofighter Typhoon will be the most powerful combat aircraft for hot and high altitude operations, which we feel is a major requirement of the IAF. Our proposal to the MoD is most appealing and offers India enormous political, industrial and operational benefits.

SP’s: Explain your stand on the offset clause and transfer of technology?

Billep: Of course, we will respect the offset clause. We have delivered a very attractive technology package which is fully compliant with the offset clause. As far as Transfer of Technology (ToT) is concerned, it is a challenge for all competitors. In our view, ToT will happen in an incremental way ranging from support to build up a final assembly line in India to full transfer of technology and license production. In between, we have sold Eurofighter Typhoon to Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy as well as to Saudi Arabia and Austria. These countries can be asked for our professionalism and customer support.

SP’s: So there are no plans to set aside these two clauses in the event of being awarded the contract?

Billep: Not at all. We are fully committed to fulfill all requirements of the RFP.