Embraer Signs a Service Agreement to Support Avantto’s Executive Jet Fleet

Issue: BizAvIndia 3/2022 Photo(s): By Embraer

Embraer and Avantto announced the signing of a contract for the Embraer Executive Care Programme to support the company’s executive jet fleet. A leader in the aircraft sharing business in Brazil, Avantto currently has a fleet of seven Phenom jets, four of which are Phenom 100s and three Phenom 300s. Globally, more than 700 aircraft are currently part of the Embraer Executive Care Program.

The Embraer Executive Care Program, which completed 15 years in 2021, is a comprehensive airframe maintenance programme carefully designed and managed by Embraer to provide a simple and predictable way of budgeting aircraft maintenance costs. Planning, budgeting, and support are rolled together under a fixed monthly fee, plus an hourly charge for flight-hours flown, to make support straightforward and simple for customers to manage. Costs for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance items are set and known upon enrollment in the programme.

Covering maintenance, parts, freight, labour and even rescue teams, and guided by Embraer’s OEM expertise and support, the programme can be tailored according to one of three coverage options: Prime Parts, Standard and Enhanced. Throughout a fiveyear cycle, the benefits of the programme include savings compared to the actual costs of scheduled and unscheduled events in the same term, providing a hedge against price inflation, and ease of doing business with Embraer and their partners. Additionally, Embraer offers preferred pricing for customers enrolled in Executive Care for various services.

Recently, Embraer’s customer support was ranked in 1st place according to the 2022 Product Support Survey by the trade magazine Aviation International News (AIN). The survey is among the most important in the industry, generating statistical assessments by aircraft operators about the quality of customer support provided by manufacturers in the last year.