Gulfstream G700 World Tour

Two Fully Outfitted G700 Test Aircraft are being showcased to Customers Across Continents

Issue: BizAvIndia 4/2022By Rohit Goel Photo(s): By Gulfstream, NATLAERO / Twitter
Gulfstream G700 Makes Asia-Pacific Debut in Vietnam

Gulfstream announced on October 17, 2022 that the two fully outfitted Gulfstream G700 production test aircraft will embark on an extensive world tour to showcase Gulfstream’s flagship and the most spacious cabin in the industry to customers. The G700 world tour commenced directly after the two aircraft appeared at the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAABACE) building on the test programme’s impressive real-world performance capabilities, which already include eight international city-pair speed records.


“These outfitted G700 aircraft currently flying, feature two of the most stunning interiors in business aviation,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “After being on display for the industry at NBAA-BACE in Orlando, Florida, the G700 will fly to major events and private showings across 20 cities and six continents as part of our efforts to give customers direct access to the aircraft. The strategic route of the G700 world tour reflects the strong demand we are seeing in established markets, such as Europe and the Middle East, and in growing markets for us, including Southeast Asia, India and Africa.”

The G700 world tour is taking the aircraft to South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia as well as events, that included Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; the Bahrain International Airshow; and the Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) Show in Dubai.

The first fully outfitted G700 production test aircraft first flew in April 2021 and was joined by the second outfitted aircraft this past September 2022. The second G700 test aircraft ensures the maturity, durability and comfort of more cabin elements that were introduced with the aircraft’s launch in 2019, including the all-new ultrahigh-definition dynamic circadian lighting system, an optional feature capable of replicating sunlight. The latest G700 outfitted aircraft also includes a grand suite and newly designed spacious lavatory with natural light, full vanity and shower, as well as a six-place dining area with a fully expandable, self-contained table.

Also, in September 2022, Gulfstream had announced their all new Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines for the industry flagship Gulfstream G700 and ultralong-range Gulfstream G800 have achieved European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification.



Maximum Range7,500 nm | 13,890 km
High-Speed CruiseMach 0.90
Long-Range CruiseMach 0.85
Maximum Operating Mach Number (Mmo)Mach 0.925
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)6,250 ft | 1,905 m
Initial Cruise Altitude41,000 ft | 12,497 m
Maximum Cruise Altitude51,000 ft | 15,545 m


Finished Cabin Height6 ft 3 in | 1.91 m
Finished Cabin Width8 ft 2 in | 2.49 m
Cabin Length (excluding baggage)56 ft 11 in | 17.35 m
Total Interior Length63 ft 8 in | 19.41 m
Cabin Volume2,603 cu ft | 73.71 cu m
Baggage Compartment Volume195 cu ft | 5.52 cu m
Exterior Length109 ft 10 in | 33.48 m
Overall Wingspan103 ft | 31.39 m
Exterior Height25 ft 5 in | 7.75 m


Source: Gulfstream


Cabin Design

Flexible Cabin Configuration
Galley/Galley Annex or Ultragalley with or without Dedicated Crew Compartment
Forward and Aft Lavatories


Maximum Takeoff1,07,600 lb | 48,807 kg
Maximum Landing83,500 lb | 37,875 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel62,750 lb | 28,463 kg
Basic Operating56,365 lb | 25,567 kg
Maximum Payload6,385 lb | 2,896 kg
Maximum Payload/Full Fuel2,235 lb | 1,014 kg
Maximum Fuel49,400 lb | 22,407 kg


Avionics:Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck
Avionics:Predictive Landing Performance System
Avionics:Enhanced Flight Vision System with Dual Head-Up Displays
Avionics:Synthetic Vision with Dual Head-Up Displays and Primary Flight Display
Engines:Two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700
Rated Take-off Thrust (each)18,250 lb | 81.20 kN


In the middle of 2022, the first outfitted G700 was awarded the 2022 International Yacht & Aviation Award in the Private Jet Design category for excellence in cabin design. The all-new seat design on the G700 earned an IY&AA in 2020. The G700 features the most spacious, innovative and flexible cabin in the business aviation industry. The G700 production-test interior features a tonal palette of light, creamy neutrals and warm grays contrasted by defining accents of cinnamon and charcoal. Each cabin living area is accentuated by design elements and a true circadian lighting system that creates optimal atmospheres to work, rest and connect, while putting you one step ahead of jet lag by simulating the sunlight of your next time zone. Complete with awardwinning seat design, hand-tailored finishes and handcrafted furnishings, the G700 interior provides the utmost in passenger comfort. The flexibility of the G700 cabin offers nearly limitless interior design opportunities, along with the signature Gulfstream Cabin Experience. The G700 features the most spacious cabin in the industry and can fly at its high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90 for 6,400 nautical miles/11,853 kms or at its long-range cruise of Mach 0.85 for 7,500 nm/13,890 kms. The G700 includes the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck with the industry’s only electronically linked active control sidesticks, the most extensive use of touch-screen technology in business aviation and Gulfstream’s award-winning Predictive Landing Performance System.

G700 was awarded the 2022 International Yacht & Aviation Award in the Private Jet Design category for excellence in cabin design

Also, Gulfstream has lowered cabin altitude for the all-new G700, further advancing the already industry-leading Gulfstream Cabin Experience on the new business jet flagship. Originally announced with a cabin altitude of 3,290 feet/1,003 meters when flying at 41,000 ft/12,497 m, the G700 cabin altitude at the same flight level has been improved to 2,916 ft/889 m. With this enhancement, the G700 retains its leadership position with the lowest cabin altitude in the business aviation industry. The G700 cabin, the most spacious in the industry, first took flight on April 15, 2021, on the first fully outfitted production test aircraft. Gulfstream is taking the G700 interior through more than 15,500 test points to ensure the cabin’s comfort, maturity and durability upon its entry into service. Gulfstream anticipates G700 customer deliveries beginning in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In addition to the low cabin altitude, The Gulfstream Cabin Experience on the G700 includes 100 per cent fresh, never recycled air; whisper-quiet noise levels; 20 of the industry’s largest windows; an all-new, high-definition circadian lighting system; and award-winning seat design with advanced ergonomics and a variety of enhanced comfort preferences customers can choose from.



The first outfitted G700 had already set eight international city-pair speed records. The new industry flagship Gulfstream G700 set its seventh international city-pair speed record on May 20, 2022, en route to the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva. In a demonstration of Gulfstream’s industry-leading sustainability commitment, the G700 flew the record flight on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The G700 linked Savannah, Georgia, to Geneva in 7 hours and 37 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.90.

The G700 has set city-pair records on all its major international trips for customer viewings. In September, the fully outfitted production-test aircraft set speed records from Savannah to Doha, Qatar; from Doha to Paris; and from Paris back to Savannah. The G700 then made record-setting flights from Houston, Texas, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and returned in record time from Riyadh to Savannah. The city-pair flights were made using a combination of SAF and carbon offsets to minimise environmental impacts.

National Aeronautic Association (NAA) President & CEO greg otto presented Gulfstream with 5 certificates at NBAA for records recently broken

The all-new Gulfstream G700 made great strides in its flight-test programme and capped 2021 with additional accomplishments, including the use of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blend on 83 per cent of G700 flights launched from the Savannah-based Gulfstream Flight Test Center. “Getting this amazing aircraft in front of customers has been one of the highlights of 2021,” said Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream. “We are also further demonstrating our commitment to SAF by using the fuel blend as much as possible on G700 test flights — five out of six test aircraft have used the fuel blend on every flight. We look forward to building on these successes and accomplishing even more programme milestones as we move closer to customer deliveries.”


Along with maintaining an industry leading role in using and promoting the safety, ease and performance capabilities of SAF, Gulfstream also supports the industry’s overall efforts to decrease carbon emissions by providing SAF to customers and being the first business-aviation manufacturer to sign the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow 2030 Ambition Statement. Gulfstream has purchased more than 1.6 million gallons of the SAF blend for company and customer use.

Gulfstream underlined its sustainability goals that encompass three pillars:

  • energy and emissions,
  • operations, and
  • culture and learning.

Through these goals, Gulfstream has continued to maintain levels with industry goals established by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to curtail carbon emissions, revamp fuel efficiency and pursue carbonneutral growth.

The aerospace company has been consistently making significant efforts towards sustainability. There are several elements to Gulfstream’s sustainability programme, including aircraft sustainability, eco-friendly buildings and the use of SAF for its corporate, demonstration, customer support and flight test fleets in Savannah. Gulfstream also gives an opportunity to its operators to decrease their carbon footprint with the carbon offsets programme, which is available through Gulfstream’s Aircraft Ownership Service and funds activities that generate an equal reduction in carbon emissions.