BizAvIndia 2/2021 - Supplement to SP’s Aviation

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Issue Features

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    BizAv Leaders Present Perspective Post-Pandemic at EBACE Connect
    By Ayushee Chaudhary

    Titled, the “lightning round”, the first-of-its-kind keynote presentation, featured views from nine Presidents and CEOs from various OEMs who addressed the 2021 market.

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    Gulfstream Reveals its Bespoke Approach in Aviation-Design to SP’s

    With a history of inspiring innovation, preeminent suppliers amalgamated with contemporary customisation, Gulfstream not only balances luxury, style and convenience for its customers, but it also delivers the unmatched aviation design. Tray Crow, Director of Interior Design reveals to SP’s their unique approach to designing aircraft interiors.

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    BizAv Activity Surging in the US, Closing the Gap on 2019
    By Ayushee Chaudhary

    Enhanced vaccination drives, easing of restrictions, Memorial Day weekend regain domestic business aviation trends

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    Tardy Pace of Growth of Civil Aviation MRO in India
    By Air Vice Marshal S.S. Chauhan (Retd)

    A proactive and conciliatory approach between the industry and the policy makers is required for the growth of this essential sector

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    Vertical Business Jet: A Game Changer
    By Group Captain C.J. Weir (Retd)

    The Vertical Business Jet, once developed, will give the user the benefits of a fixedwing aircraft with the takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter

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    Air Space Management Solution for Safer and Efficient Travel
    By Sudhir S. Rajeshirke

    ADS-B provides more accurate positioning of the aircraft on real time basis with which ATCs can better manage the flow of the air traffic by reducing aircraft separation

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    From the Editor-in-Chief
    By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

    Getting adept at navigating our way through the new normal, aided by the gradual acceleration in vaccines, the signs for revival of travel and aviation industry are beginning to appear closer

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    Reduce Operating Costs by Developing In-house Maintenance Facilities!
    By AVM S.S. Chauhan (Retd)

    The indigenous expertise gained through setting up of such in-house maintenance facilities over a period of time would prove to be invaluable and would undoubtedly result in lowering the cost of operations of aircraft and also reduce their prolonged downtime